Color-Eye 2180UV


Precisely Measure The Effects Of Optical Brighteners

In An Affordable Benchtop System


The Color-Eye 2180UV

spectrophotometer sets new standards

for price/performance in an entry level

color measurement system. This spherebased,

compact instrument combines

affordability with true measurement

accuracy and integrity. It’s ruggedly constructed

to stand up to the production

floor environment and provide years of

uncompromising performance.

The Color-Eye 2180UV is the only instrument

in its class with adjustable UV

control, making it a good value in applications

where optical brighteners are used.

Adjustable to the UV content found in

natural D65 daylight, you can maintain

accurate measurements between

optically brightened samples.

The Color-Eye 2180UV provides excellent

agreement with other Color-Eye 2180

systems, as well as with the ColorEye

XTH hand-held spectrophotometer and

the Color-Eye 7000A, the premier reference

instrument in the industry. This compat-

ibility throughout the line makes the

Color-Eye 2180UV the perfect choice for

a color management network. You can

build a network system in which color

formulation labs, QC departments,

separate production facilities, as well

as suppliers all get the same values

and speak the same color language.


Pulsed Xenon Light Source,

The Ultimate In Reliability

The high-intensity pulsed xenon light

source provides the finest illumination

available, requires minimal maintenance,

and ensures superior consistency when

measuring dark or saturated colors.

Additionally, the pulsed xenon source will

not change the properties of some samples,

whereas the heat and light intensity of

tungsten halogen systems may.

Extra Convenience

With Motorized SCE/SCI

Effortlessly measure pure color with SCI

(specular component included), or simulate

how the human eye responds to surface

effects such as gloss or texture with SCE

(specular component excluded).

Measurement Precision

Instills Confidence

Reading accuracy is ensured time after

time with the unit’s built-in reference

against which all samples are measured.

The instrument automatically adjusts

to fluctuations in voltage and changes in

temperature to further ensure measurement

consistency and long-term reliability.





Increase Efficiency

From A Little Space

The exceptional performance of the

Color-Eye 2180UV is a result of

GretagMacbeth’s unmatched experience

with sphere instrument technology.

Numerous features make the unit easy to

operate, including

a convenient drop-down preview window

that simplifies the reading of difficult-to-position

samples. The Color-Eye 2180UV

requires just a little bit of space, but its

measurement accuracy and repeatability

can mean a big boost in productivity.



Repeatability (white tile) (typical) 0.04 RMS Δ.E CIEL*a*b*

0.15 RMS .E CIEL*a*b*

Interinstrument Agreement


0.12 Avg. .E CIEL*a*b*†


0.25 Avg. .E CIEL*a*b*†


Pulsed xenon

Spectral Range

360 nm to 750 nm


10 nm

Photometric Range

0% to . 180%

Photometric Resolution




0.55" (14 mm) circular diameter


0.55" (14 mm) circular diameter


0.39" (10 mm) circular diameter

Small Area of View (SAV)

5 mm circular diameter

Optical Configurations

Diffuse/8° (illumination/measurement)

Operating Temperature

60°F to 90°F (15°C to 32°C)


9.38" high, 7.13" wide, 14.75" deep

(23.8 cm, 18.1 cm, 37.5 cm)

(High x Width x Deep)

Weight 6.8 kg  (15 lbs)
Power 117 VAC / 50 ~ 60 Hz or 230 VAC / 50 ~ 60Hz
Relative Humidity

10% to 80%, non-condensing

† Average .E of BCRA ceramic standards relative to GretagMacbeth standardized values under lab conditions.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Last Update: 14-06-2010